Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big News + Cute Baby Pics

Hi everyone, 

I'm so sorry for the extremely long hiatus. I know I said I would be back in a few weeks, but that didn't happen. 

Who knew taking care of a newborn would take up so much time?

Not to mention catching and keeping up on schoolwork and the house chores. 

But here I am, about to end the semester and the baby is growing every day. 

Here are the promised pictures. Check out those chipmunk cheeks!

Writing has had to go to the back burner for a while now. But I have made time to read plenty of books in little bits of free time and keep up with my favorite writing blogs. 

Now that school is about over (except for a couple of online classes), regular posts on the blog are back. I'm starting off with one post a week, on Wednesdays to be exact.

Even better news: I will now be starting the tradition of Friday Features, a weekly roundup of the best writing blog posts and articles. So stay tuned for that starting tomorrow!

What have you guys been up to while I've been gone? Any goals accomplished? Any new goals on your mind?


  1. That's one cute baby! Very pinchable cheeks.

    It's good to see you back in the blogosphere. Since I crashed and burned during NaNoWriMo, I took a long break, then started on a new novel that I'm still outlining. I'm writing epic fantasy, and the worldbuilding phase really takes a long time if you want to do it right. I suck at pantsing, so I can't skimp on the worldbuilding. Nevertheless, I'm trying to remain focused on my outline so I don't get bogged down. My goal is to have a 3-page, high-level outline done by March 5th so I can turn it in to my writing group.

  2. Thanks, Ben! It's good to see you too! It's good to see someone else on a fresh start :) I'm also kind of working on a new novel. It's still in my head, though. I want to start writing it within the next few days, but I'm going to give pantsing a try. I've found that when I do outlining, I tend to stay stuck in that phase. Maybe the best way (for me) to get that novel down is just to do it. Who knows? Just an experiment I'm going to try.

  3. It's worth a shot. No words are wasted. Even if the book ends up going nowhere, at least you've gotten in some practice. And you won't know what method really works best for you until you give it a try. I tried pantsing for years and never got beyond a few pages of each new project. Now I'm trying plotting. Even though I'm not writing much yet, I feel like I'm making better progress than before. Once the outline is done, then comes the true test of whether this will really work for me. Here's hoping—for both of us!

  4. Thanks!

    Exactly. I think I'm the opposite of you. I've tried planning, plotting, and outlining forever. I have a big binder full of prewriting that never got anywhere.

    I hate that. I think I do it on purpose somehow. It's that fear, I guess. So now I'm just going to take the plunge. See what happens.