What I'm Writing

Untitled: I wrote my first novel during Nano '11. It's an action story about a Mexican drug dealer whose world falls apart when someone close to him betrays him to the authorities. Many years later, he finally finds out who it was that turned him in along with a life-changing secret. This novel is currently untitled. It's an idea I ran with and is a genre I never thought I would write in. But I'm glad I did write it. It taught that I can be a writer if I stick to it. It's 50K words and needs a lot of work. After I write my second novel, I'll come back to it. There's a lot of research and revision that it needs to make it the best that it can be. Then, I want to get it critiqued and will improve on it more. Eventually, I hope to e-publish it on Kindle.

Minai and Kiro: This is the working title for my second novel. It's a fantasy, more of what I've always wanted to write. It's about a young girl who has promised to marry a powerful lord in order to get her family out of great debt. However, she is in love with a slave who wants to run away with her. The nation is also at war and her younger brother will be forced to fight (and likely die) if they stay. She has a tough choice to make. This story is still in the planning stage. I've developed bits of the language, and in the process of creating the culture and world. I can't wait to start on the first draft. My plan is to write it by the summer. I also hope to eventually publish it on Kindle.

What are you working on right now? What issues are you having? Email me if you would are struggling with something and need some advice. Or if you want me to look at something you've written. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I'm totally going to print this out and tack it up on my motivation board!

    Thank you for the nomination and for your kind, kind words! Congratulations on your little girl! Once you get to three months it usually gets a lot easier :)