Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Freaking Out

Nano is a matter of hours away. And I'm freaking out a little.

Today, I went through storyfix's Story Structure Series, scrambling to make my story better before I actually start writing tomorrow. Again, things have changed. I'm kind of nervous as I start second guessing myself and my characters. I start thinking, "Would so-and-so really do that? Maybe not...." And I kinda want to go crazy because I start writing tomorrow!

I'm also going in with only 30 scenes planned out. I hope I develop more as I start writing. Because I really don't think every scene will be at least two thousand words long. This is where a part of me starts panicking, imagining myself out of words to write partway through November.

I guess what any of us can do is just relax and go with it. The other choice is completely throwing out what you've got and wallowing in self-pity the rest of November because you didn't have the guts to follow the story where it wanted to take you.

You can only plan so much of the story before you write. You also have to be open to any kind of reasonable change that might occur. For example, so far I've been thinking the MC is going to kill off one of the characters in the story, someone he is really close to but must teach a lesson. But if partway through the novel, I discover that he wouldn't really do that, I guess I have to adjust the novel. Keeping my characters true to themselves is more important than sticking to what I have planned out. 

How are you feeling as we embark on November 1st and Nano '11? Are you feeling anxious as well because the story is getting a mind of its own or isn't fully developed? Or are you cool as a cucumber because you're either pantsing it or you've got your outline working perfectly?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Nano Is Almost Here!

I'm so excited that we are only a matter of days away from November 1st!

For the past week and a half, I have been preparing for those 30 days of feverish writing. I have a beat sheet, descriptions of characters, and settings. So I definitely feel just about ready for the challenge (after I conduct some research).

On the other hand, I haven't even started writing and already my novel has changed so much. I keep making new discoveries about the characters and who they really are. My original idea for my first novel won't work because the characters simply wouldn't do the things I expected they would. I think it's amazing how, if you let it, a story can develop a mind of its own and take you to a world even more amazing than you imagined. I think that discovering the surprises in a story has become my favorite part of the writing process so far.

What is my novel about?

Well, I suppose it falls in the adventure category. The MC is a man who is in the drug dealing business. He is one of the big guys in the drug business between the U.S. and Mexico. However, his world is suddenly turned upside down when he is caught and arrested, his lover killed in the process. He is even more devastated when his right-hand man and best friend flees and is nowhere to be found. Not too long after ending up in prison, he escapes and works to reestablish his business and figure out who betrayed his trust. The MC discovers that not everyone is who they appear to be and must deal with the consequences of uncovering the truth.

What do you think? It's not so much about his drug business per se, but more about finding out some secrets that change his life and who he thought he was.

I never thought I would be writing this kind of story. Honestly, fantasy has always appealed to me way more. This idea just hit me, though, and I decided to see where it takes me.

What about you? What are you doing to prepare for Nano? Or are you pantsing it?

I would also love to hear what your novel is about. Is it your first? Any advice for a newbie? 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am a Nano Newbie...

So I recently decided to really give writing a try. It's something I have always wanted to do, and now this is the real attempt to actually write and finish a novel. This blog is my way of holding myself accountable and reaching out to other writers in similar situations or writers who have been doing this for years.

How am I starting off this new writing journey? I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. And I'm actually going to write 1,667 words a day for 30 days. Sounds a bit ambitious, huh? But I think it will give me an idea of how much I really want this dream and how much I can achieve when I see writing as a challenge (I am very competitive). Most of all, I want to have fun with it. I hear that's important when doing Nano. 

How many of you out there are doing Nano for the first time? We'll be here to explore this new territory together. I'll be sharing how my first Nano attempt goes: unexpected challenges and triumphs. I want to hear about yours as well.

How many of you are doing it for the second, third, or umpteenth time? That's great! I am jealous. Maybe you can offer us newbies some advice?

As always, happy writing. :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

About Me

Hi. My name is Yesenia, and I'm a writer from the southeastern US. I recently decided to finally pursue my dreams of becoming a fiction writer. All while attending college full-time and having a baby. A little crazy, huh? But I decided if I'm ever going to attempt this dream, it's now.

I have had lots of failures in the past, but this time, I am not letting myself give up. I am currently writing my first novel during the 2011 Nanowrimo.

I started this blog to make this goal real for me. It's a way for me to hold myself accountable, share my struggles, and hear from other writers. You can also find plenty of resources I am using to write. I'll keep you up to date on my writing progress and ask how your writing is doing along the way.